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Chia-Lin Chyan

Professor,  Biochemistry





Lab    :(03)-890-3590


D421 Science building 


D416、D417 Science building 



  Personal Website



1980-1984: National Tsing Hua University department of chemistry

1988-1994: Rutgers University department of chemistry Ph.D.



1988-1991: Rutgers University TA
1991-1994: Rutgers University RA
1994-1999: Academia sinica Postdoctoral research fellow
1999-2005.08: NDHU Assistant professor of department of chemistry
2005.08-2017.08: NDHU Associate professor of department of chemistry
2017.08-now: NDHU professor of department of chemistry

  Research Interests


1. Biochemistry
2. Nuclear magnetic resonance in structural biology
3. Biophysical chemistry
4. Structural biology 

  Selected Publications


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